Terms of Service

Rules for the use of the service

We offer a service to people capable of doing and agreement with us. The user must follow the rules on this website.


We agree to offer a bunch of services to the user. We reserve to the right to change or deactivate any service at any time for any reasons, or reduce its availability according to our disponibility. A purchase of a premium account at SuperDown grants access to private pages of the website, so, changes on these pages may occur at any time without warning.

Personal Data

The user grants that the information given are complete, updated, true and precise. The user agrees to update it's information if it changes in the future.

User account

The user account is only for personal use. Only the user who fisically owns it is authorized to login and use the user account.

Generated Links

The Generated Premium Link may only be used to download by the user who generated the link, premium links cannot be shared.


Superdown still don't offer an affiliate program, so, our account can only be bought at our official website (www.superdown.com.br).

Use of the Service

The user confirms to not use our services to download files considered illegal. We are only intermediante the downloads, like an ISP. In fact, we only propose a service based on data traffic, we don't host or store any files.


The user confirms in do not disturb our services by any way, like a server attack. The user cannot try to outsmart the limitations or violate our payment system. The partial or complete reproduction of the contents and services of this website is prohibited without our consent. If the user infringes one or more rules of the Terms of Service, Superdown reservers the right to block the account indefinitely.


There will be no devolution or compensation of payment. You subscribe to our services to access a private area os the website, by consequence, there will be no devolution or extension of your account in case of malfunction of one or more services. The service is offered as it is and doesn't have any warranty.

Terms of Service

The Termos of Service may be updated at anytime and without warning. The user can read it whenever he/she wants through a link at the site footer.

Service Quality

The premium link generation service that we offer isn't linked to any warranty of good functioning. Our service has the policy of "Best Effort". That means that we will always try our best to offer an efficient and functional service. If that doesn't happens, some hosters may be removed or limited, according to our Restitution policy.


By subscribing on Superdown, the user agrees to receive news and promotions of our services by email, being allowed the unsubscribing for the newsletters in a link, contained in the email itself.