I've already paid and my account is not yet active, what to do?

If you paid by Credit Card, wait some minutes, if in one hour your account has not yet been released, please contact us.
If was not by credit card, your account will be activated in 1 to 3 business day.

Download is slow!

If you are sure that the download is slower than the speed of your internet, download IDM or BitComet to manage and accelerate your downloads, these programs can be found on our utilities page.

I am not able to generate a premium link

First look on the main site, the status box, the servers with Maintenance status are having trouble generating links, our team is already aware and already trying to fix the problem and unfortunately you will have to wait a moment.

If the server is available, go to the link you tried to generate, see if it falls on a page stating that the file does not exist or has been deleted, it's gone, please try another link, which is why we have multiple servers!

If the link is right but is having trouble to generate, please contact us and let us know the link you've tried and the error that occurred

Can I share my account with others?

No. Your account is personal and not transferable, you can access it from another computer, notebook, tablet, etc, since it's YOU. Account and generated links sharing is against our terms of use, with the risk of locking the account indefinitely.